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Did you know that you could access information on your bank accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? BankLine now makes that possible.

BankLine, a service of State Bank of Cherry, allows you easy access to your accounts from a touch-tone phone. Just dial 1-800-952-2089 and the system will prompt you through each step.

The first time you access Bankline, you will need to call the bank to retrieve your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Then you may call Bankline and follow the prompts to change your PIN to a number unique to you, a number of your choice rather than the assigned number from our system. Just REMEMBER to record and keep this number in a safe place. We recommend you avoid using part of your phone number, social security number or your street number. These are too easy to duplicate if someone tries to gain access to BankLine.

With BankLine you may access your:

  • Checking Account
  • Savings Account
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Loan Accounts

Various information can be provided about your accounts.

If you are interested in our current certificate of deposit or car loan rates, this information is also available through BankLine.

Need to transfer funds and cannot find the time to come to the bank? No problem, call BankLine. You will have the capability of transferring funds from one account to another or to make a loan payment. To activate this service simply complete and sign a form available from any of our tellers.

Want more good news? No transfer fee is charged for any transfer and remember, no postage charge if you use BankLine.

The State Bank of Cherry is always trying to improve service for customers from the hometown bank that works harder to serve you.

Questions? Stop in or call 894-2345, or toll free 1-800-447-9138, or use our convenient toll free BankLine service by calling 1-800-952-2089. E-mail us at