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History of the State Bank of Cherry

On May 7, 1906,  H.C. Haugan, John W. Blee, and Charles L. Connolly were granted permission to organize a bank under the laws of the State of Illinois. This bank became known as the State Bank of Cherry.

At that time there were nineteen original shareholders. These shareholders started the bank with a combined total of $25,000.00.

As with most of the Illinois Valley and surrounding area, the main business was coal mining.  In the beginning years, this coal mining was the element the bank was built around.

Mr. John W. Blee was president until 1929. Cashier of the bank from the very beginning was Mr. Charles L. Connolly.

Mr. Michael H. Flaherty was President from 1930 to 1964. In 1950, Mr. Burton Waite became cashier.

In 1964, Mr. Howard Lewis became President and Mr. John T. Connolly was named Cashier.

In January of 1974, Mr. John T. Connolly was named President and Miss Catherine Zanarini was named Cashier.

Mr. Daniel L. Carrico was named President in 1992. Miss Catherine Zanarini remained as Cashier.

In November of 2004, Miss Zanarini retired. Mrs. Judie Hahn, Assistant Cashier, was named Cashier. Mr. Carrico remains as President.

An addition was built on to the bank building in 1960.  In 1973 a new building was constructed to the south of the bank. This was to be the new home of the State Bank of Cherry. In 1979 the old bank building was demolished and an addition was added to the building constructed in 1973.  This structure is now the location of the bank at 110 South Main Street.

May of 2006 completed 100 years of faithful banking service. The people of Cherry and of the Illinois Valley have shown patronage, friendship and loyalty to the State Bank of Cherry.

Our success has always been with our customers whom we sincerely appreciate.

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