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The State Bank of Cherry

Locally Owned and Operated
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Mission Statement
The mission of the State Bank of Cherry shall be to become the primary financial servicer of its market.

Market share attraction is the most effective means for attaining adequate levels of asset growth, profitability and stock appreciation commensurate with shareholders' needs and expectations.

State Bank of Cherry will employ three basic strategies against its chief competitors in the manner in which products and services are delivered to customer segments:

  1. A competitive edge will be generated from providing products and services using highly qualified personnel and quality service-oriented approaches.

  2. Improving productivity of all employees, emphasizing the need to be sales and marketing driven in order to build client versus customer relationships.

  3. Selective consideration of technology for providing current yet cost effective service in an ever changing market.

State Bank of Cherry will strive to retain the highest caliber of employees necessary to be competitive in a rapidly transforming financial industry while providing maximum shareholder value and provide a full range of financial services to the community.