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Personal Accounts & Loans

Accounts to meet your needs.

Deposit Accounts

Checking Accounts

Checking accounts allow you access to your money quickly, easily, and conveniently.  Pair it with a debit card or checks and you can use your money anywhere, anytime, without the need to carry large amounts of cash around.

State Bank of Cherry also offers a ‘Round Up Savings’ option for debit cards.  Round Up Savings rounds all your transactions up to the nearest dollar and deposits the extra change into a savings account to help you save as you spend!

Regular checking accounts do not earn interest, do not have a limit on deposits or withdrawals, & do not have any monthly service fees.

NOW Accounts

Now accounts offer the conveniences of a regular checking account, with the added benefit of earning interest! Now accounts do not have limits on deposits or withdrawals, but require the account balance to remain above $500 at all times or a service fee will be assessed.

Money Market Accounts

Money markets earn our most competitive interest rate offered on deposit accounts.  Money markets have a withdrawal limit of 6 times (by any means) per month.  Debit cards are also not permitted on a money market account.  The account balance must remain above $1,000 at all times or a service fee will be assessed.


Savings Accounts

Regular Savings

Regular savings accounts are a good place to store money for a rainy day or build up to a major purchase!  You may make as many in person withdrawals as you would like, but are limited to only 6 electronic withdrawals per month.

Christmas Clubs

Christmas clubs are a great way to save money for the holidays and earn a little interest at the same time.  You can deposit manually whenever you want, or automatically every week, month, etc. and never have to worry about having enough when the holidays roll around. Christmas clubs run through October of each year, and then a check will be issued or your balance will automatically be deposited to your checking account.

Certificates of Deposit & Journey Ahead CD’s

CD’s offer the best rates of any products that State Bank of Cherry offers and makes investing your money quick and easy. Short term or long term, choose the time-frame that fits your investment needs.

Click here to see our CD rates.



Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, boat or ATV: we’ve got you covered!

We offer fixed rate financing on new and used purchases up to 66 months and will work with you to make sure you get a payment that fits your budget. Call one of our Loan Officers today for more information!